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Whisper Walls®

Whisper Walls® wall and headliner system has become the standard of excellence for the installation of fabric as an architectural finish. Our unique product is used by leading yacht manufacturers around the world. The unique characteristics of the Whisper Walls® system make it ideal for the complex architecture often found in marine applications.

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The Whisper Walls® system is composed of three components: A stretching system, an optional acoustical core, and a textile of choice. Because of the unique Whisper Walls® system, the designer is free to mold, shape, curve, and delineate surfaces while meeting the demands of builders and their clients.

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Whisper Walls® System Advantages include:

As the exclusive world-wide distributor of Whisper Walls® for marine applications, we provide training and certify installers for the correct installation of Whisper Walls® systems. Choosing a licensed Whisper Walls® installer insures that both the materials and installation will be first rate.

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